This is the No.1 flavors of pringles! I tasted All 16 kinds of flavors of pringles.


‘Pringles’ is very very popular all over the world.

Pringles has many kinds of flavors.

When I?buy the pringles, I always have to consider whether which?flavors is the best.

So finally I?tasted all kinds of?flavors of pringles?that Walmart has?!!

I live in Arizona, so we can get Mexican flavors like “Salsa sauce”? “Jalapeno”.

I?made sure what?flavor is the most delicious.??I report you here!

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Which flavors is the most delicious? I ranked about all kinds of flavors of pringles.

I went to the “Walmart”?for buying all flavors of pringles.

During?I was putting all flavors of pringles into the shopping cart, other customers were laughing, they asked me

“Are you gonna have a party? ”

”Are these all flavors of pringles?’”with smile.

shopping cart

Of course, the casher also asked me

“You?will?have a wonderful party.”

“This is my first experience!”

This day is around July 4th.?So many people checked my all flavors of pringes?probably thought?you will have the celebration of?”Independence Day “.

I bought all 16 flavors of pringles the Walmart store had.

This is it!


Wow, I think cans of all flavors?of pringles are very beautiful!

So I took many photos of all flavors?of pringles?from differnt angles.

All flavors?of pringles?from above


All flavors?of pringles?from below


All flavors?of pringles?look like retro


All flavors?of pringles?are beautiful models!

I can take below photos by my camara ‘Sony NEX-C3’

This is very good and has funny function!

All flavors?of pringles?with only red!


All flavors?of pringles?with only?blue !


All flavors?of pringles?with only?Green !


Oh, sorry, I just played with my favorite camera,,,

OK, I give you my tasting report? “Which flavor?is the No.1 of pringles ??”

Tasted all flavors of pringles!

At first I picked up chips from cans of all flavors of pringles and arranged.


This time’s entries are blow 16 flavors of pringles!

・MANGO SALSA Salsa de Chile


OK, Let’s start tasting and ranking of all flavors of pringes !!


I give you my evaluation each flavor?. I put stars, 5 star?means?the best flavor?.

1. pringles ; “Original” flavor


(Evaluation)This is a normal flavor. I ate this many times, so I can eat at ease. Salt is not mach on top.? I like this point. I put 3 stars as the standard .? Stars;★★★

2.pringles;”PIZZA” flavor


(Evaluation)When I bite this, I feel a little bit of cheese flavor and later tomato flavor from tomato powder. Wow, This is pizza flavor! star;★★★★

3.pringles; “RANCH” flavor


I don’t know Ranch flavor,,, Lunch? No, Ranch. I check it by Japanese-English dictionary. It says Ranch is “?a very large farm in the western US and Canada where sheep, cattle, or horses are bred“.

I could not understand Ranch flavor by this dictionary.
Next I checked by internet. Finally I understood. This is Ranch dressing flavor!

(Evaluation)I felt a littele sour of “Sour cream” flavor.

This is not special. star;★★★

4.pringles ; “CHEDDAR&SOUR CREAM” flavor


(Evaluation)Ceese flavor is very very strong! When I bite this, I can taste strong cheese flavor. Later? I tase a littele of sour cream.

The balance is not good. star;★★

5. pringles ; “SALT&VINEGAR” flavor


(evaluation)As soon?as I put this “alt $ vinegar”, I can feel sour. But the sour taste disappear soon, change like ” original” flavor. I don’t like this sour taste.?I can’t tase ‘Umami’ after disappear sour taste.?star;★

6. pringles ; “KICKIN’ CHICKEN TACO” flavor


When I watched this name, I thought what is the ?KICKING?

I check this meaning. This meaning is very vivid?. This name is like funky !

(Evaluation)Uhuun, this is TACO BELL’s tacos taste! This flavor deprive from Mexican seasoning. This flavor match with beers! Regarding this Mexican seasoning flavor?, some guys like it very much, but?some guys?don’t?like.?star;★★★

7. pringles ; “CHILE CON QUESO” flavor


This flavor name “CHILE CON QUESO” is Spanish. In English this is like “CHILI WITH CHESSE”.

(Evaluation)This cheese flavor?was not so strong, good taste! When I?bite this,?I feel cheese flavor ata first, later a little hot. I love this♪ Star;★★★★

8. pringles ; “CHEDDAR CHEESE”


(Evaluation)There are many cheese powder on pringles chip. At first I can feel strong cheese flavor, but soon it disapper.? Please put lasting cheese flavor! Star;★★★

9. pringles ; “HONEY MUSTARD”

SONY DSC (Evaluation)Actually, when I watched this name, I?guessed?this flavor is worst.?Because?I thought honey flavor can not match?with mastard flavor.?But this is very very?goooooood !!! This taste is a little bit of mayo and?later you can feel mustard flavor. This balance is very nice!?This is next generation of snacks!? Star;★★★★★ (100 percent!!)

10. pringles ; “MANGO SALSA” flavor

SONY DSC (Evaluation)I taste salt and also very strong fruity flavor. I don’t like this flavor,,,?After eat, this fruity flavor last,,, I will not eat this for future . Star;

11. pringles ; “Salsa de Chile HABANERO” flavor

SONY DSC “Salsa de Chile HABANERO” is Spanish also.

(Evaluation)As soon as?I put this, I feel meat taste with BBQ flavor. After that I can feel storng hot! But this hot taste doesn’t last, this is exactly hot for me. But lightly seasoned. Star;★★★

12. pringles ; “BBQ” flavor


(Evaluation)This is pupular BBQ taste . Normal but, Good taste. Star;★★★

13. pringles ;? “MEMPHIS BBQ” flavor


When I buy this “MEMPHIS BBQ” flavor, I thourht which difference from normal “BBQ” flavor.

I checked by PC.? Memphis in Tennessee has Memphis BBQ. This is the pork BBQ.

To sum up, “BBQ flavor” is beef’s BBQ, “Mamphis BBQ” is pork’s BBQ.

(Evaluation)This BBQ taste is not weak taste. I like this “Memphis BBQ” flavor than “BBQ” flavor.Star;★★★★

14. Pringles; “JALAPENO” flavor

SONY DSC Most Mexican like Jalapeno very much. In Japan Jalapeno is not popular, but I like it very much. If you did not eat Jalapeno , please try it. This can?become a?the?decoration for taste and appearance.

(Evaluation)This taste is solty with hot.?I like this spicy taste! This is like “Original” with Spicy taste. Star;★★★★

15. Pringles ; “SOUR CREAM&ONION” flavor


(Evaluation)I can get this in Japan as well. US’s one is stronger than Japanese one. Sour cream taste last long time and match beer!? Star;★★★

16. Pringles ; “WASABI&SOY SAUCE” flavor


Last is “WASABI&SOY SAUCE” flavor.?The picture of Chopsticks is on the can. There are some green Wasabi pwoder and looks so beautiful !

(Evaluation)Wasabi’s flavor is weak for me.?And?soy source taste?is a litte?sweet.??Star;★★★

My?ranking of Pringles flavor by myself !

OK, now I present the rankings of Pringles flavor by myself!

No.1 ”HONEY MUTARD” ; Sweet of honey match for spicy of mustard!

No.2 ”MEMPHIS BBQ” ; I can taste ‘Umami ‘ of pork with BBQ souce.

No.3 ”JALAPENO”; “Original” flavor with spicy.

No.4 ”CHILE CON QUESO” ; Cheese flavor can match with spicy.

No.5 ”PIZZA” ;?These three?taste ‘ Cheese, Tomato, and Potato’ ?are reliable.

My impression after I finshed?this ranking test of Pringles.

Before I taste “HONEY MUSTARD”, I think this is bad , because honey’s sweet doesn’t match with spicy taste.

But? “HONEY MUSTARD” is No.1.

Imagination is not perfect. We have to try actually!

Next try is to rank about all kinds of Haagen-Dazs.